Chicken Tinola

Chicken Tinola is a soup-based dish which is cooked with green papaya cut in wedges, and chili pepper leaves, in broth flavored with ginger, onions and fish sauce.  

A common substitutes for chicken is pork, chayote/Sayote instead of papaya, or moringa leaves known as marungay or malunggay, instead of pepper leaves. 

* 1 chicken (1 kilo) 
* 1 whole medium Papaya cut in wedges 3 pieces of Chayote/Sayote 
* 1 onion cut in slice 
* 4 cloves garlic, crushed 
* 2 tbsp. ginger strips 
* 2 tbsp. patis 
* 1 tsp. vetsin (Optional - I preffer not to) 
* 1/2 cup young Pepper leaves or Malunggay 
* Few leaves of Onion leaves (a personal favourite) 

Cooking Procedures: 

- Clean and cut chicken into small serving pieces. 
- Saute' garlic and ginger until brown. Add onion. 
- Then, add chicken. Stir for 3 minutes, pour in the fish sauce.  Cook for another 3 minutes. Cover and let simmer. 
- When chicken is half done, add Papaya or Chayote/Sayote. Cover and simmer until chicken is done. 
- Lastly, add vetsin (optional) Onion leaves and pepper leaves or Malunggay leaves. 
- Let boil for 3 minutes and then serve it hot.

Update:  There is another ingredients that can use instead of Green Papaya, it is Zucchini and you can check it out on this LINK.

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Francine said...

Aloha from Colorado! I visited a nearby Asian market (Pacific Ocean Marketplace in Broomfield) and was surprised to find they had marungay leaves! I bought a bunch yesterday, and spent today plucking the leaves off of the branches. Tomorrow the forecast is for snow, so I am going to make Chicken with Marungay soup. Yum!

Pinoycook said...

Hi Francine, thanks for visiting this blog for Pinoy Food Recipe's. How's the weather back in Colorado, how thich is the snow?

Keep visiting this blog.

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ofw, food...etc. said...

yummy!this is one of our favorite!dito po sa bulacan, we add atsuete at green sili, sarap!!!more power to your site!

Filipino said...

This looks good :) You can also try cooking Chicken Adobo. Many likes that :) You can use this recipe: