Sizzling Squid Sisig

Last night I prepared Sizzling Squid (Pusit) Sisig for the first time and it was so delicious. It was messy and time consuming to prepare but it's worth it. And I'd like to share it with you Pinoy Food Lovers.

Ingredients and Procedure after the jump. Ingredients:

- I kilo of Squid

- Ginger

- 2 Big Onions

- Chilli Peppers red or green

- Salt and Pepper

- Cooking oil preferrably corn oil

- Kalamansi juice or Lemon Juice

Things needed for the grilling and the sizzling effect.

- BBQ Sticks

- Charcoal

- Sizzling Plates

Cooking Procedures

- Grill the squids, remove the plastic of the squids after they are grilled.

- Chop the squids and set aside.

- Chop Onions, ginger and chillis.

- In a pan put oil and saute' onions and ginger then add the chopped squids with kalamansi juice, salt and pepper.

Pour the cooked squid sisig on a sizzling plate and serve it while it sizzles.