- 1 kilo pig's heart - boiled and minced

- 1 kilo pig's lungs - boiled and minced

- 1 head of garlic - minced

- 1 onion - minced

- 3 tbsps of corn oil

- 1 laurel leaf

- 3 pieces red bell pepper - diced

- 1/2 cup of vinegar

- 1 cup stock

- 1 tsp hot chili pepper - minced (according to taste)

- salt & pepper

Cooking Procedures:

1. Heat corn oil in a pan, saute' garlic and onion.

2. Add minced heart and lungs.

3. Add salt & pepper.

4. Add laurel leaf, red bell pepper and vinegar.

5. Bring up heat and let it boil without stirring.

6. Stir in stock and hot chili pepper.

7. Lower heat and let it simmer until the stock evaporates.

I personally prefer it dry.

Note: Beef can be a substitute for Pork. Filipino Restaurants in the Middle East are selling Beef Bopis instead of Pork. Pork is not allowed to be sold in a Muslim country.

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glezz said...

radish can also be an additional engredient,right?