Pichi-Pichi (Steamed Cassava)

One of the traditional Filipino dessert is Pichi-Pichi. It is made with grated cassava or cassava flour, water and sugar. This is one of the easiest Filipino dessert to cook.

One of my favourites!


* 2 cups of grated cassava or cassava flour

* 2 cups of brown sugar

* 2 cups of pandan water (boiled pandan leaves)

* 1 cup of grated coconut

Cooking procedure:

1. Mix cassava, pandan and brown sugartogether.

2. Stir well and pour into a heat proof bowl or an aluminum used for steaming.

3. Steam for 40 minutes.

4. The know if the steamed pichi-pichi is cooked, the better way is to taste it.

5. Let it cool and cut into serving size pieces. Roll each piece in grated coconut.

Note: If in your area you can't find Pandan Leaves, you can buy pandan extract from a supermarket. The equivalent is 2 cups of water and half tsp. of pandan extract.

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mines acebo said...

Hi natry ko gamitin ang cassava flour sibrang chewy nya parang bubble gum na nakakabulon sya kainin..i was thinking di katulad ng pichi pichi ng ambers nagmmelts sa mouth.pano po kaya yun ganun?please help po gusto ko po sana yun parang sa ambers ang result