Pork Tocino

Tocino is one of the most popular processed Filipino foods in Pampanga. And many foreigners who have been introduced to this famous recipe have come to like it.

Tocino or tosino is a cured meat product native to the Philippines. It is usually made out of pork and is similar to ham and bacon although beef is also used. It is often reddish in color and has a sweetish taste. Its name is derived from the Spanish word tocino, which is used to describe bacon or cured meat.

Ingredients and cooking procedure after the jump.


* 4 Kilos of pork round or shoulder butt (pigue or kasim)

* 4 teaspoons of phosphate

* 1 cup water

* 1/2 cup rock salt

* 2 teaspoons of curing salt

* 3 cups sugar

* 1/4 cup crushed garlic

* 1/2 cup anisado wine

* 1 cup pineapple juice

* red food color, optional

* 2 tablets ascorbic acid, crushed

Cooking Procedure:

1. Slice the pork across the grain, 1/4 inch thick pieces. Set aside in the refrigerator.

2. Dissolve phosphate in water.

3. In a non-reactive bowl, combine rock salt, curing salt and phosphate solution. Mix well. Add sliced portk and toss to coat meat completely.

4. Add the remaining six ingredients and mix until well blended.

5. Cure at room temperature for 8 to 10 hours or in the refrigerator for 1-2 days.

6. Pack in a polyethylene bags. Freeze until needed.

For this recipe, you can pack 10 packs of 1/2 kilo each.

You can sell this to earn extra money or keep it for your family. :)



switpea said...

Your tocino sure looks good. What is phosphate. Is it sodium phosphate or potassium phosphate. Where can I get the phosphate and the aniseed wine. Please let me know, Thank you.

Paul John said...

How are we going to cook this one? I know PENDANG doesn't need cooking oil. Just water added to the meat. Are we going to heat oil first before putting in the meat? Will appreciate your answer.

God bless.

Edgar Consolacion said...

what is the difference of rock salt and curing salt and what is phospate solution, where we can buy it?