Ginataang Monggo

Ginataang Monggo is called in Pampangga as "Lelut Balatung". I really don't know where is this delicacy originated from but all I can say it's one of the famous Merienda in the Philippines.

If you'd like to have a great tasting merienda, follow the instructions below:

Ingredients and cooking procedure after the jump.


* 1 kilo of malagkit rice (Lacatan)

* 1 kilo of shredded coconut

* 1/2 kilo of monggo or beans (green monggo was used in this recipe)

* 3/4 kilo of white sugar.

Cooking procedure:

1. Roast the monggo on a pan, when roasted crushed the monggo using a bottle and set aside.

2. Add 1 cup of water to the shredded coconut to make 1 cup of coconut creme. This creme is for the toppings of the ginataan. Set aside.

3. Use the shredded coconut again for the 2nd squeezed, add 1 liter of water to make the coconut milk then set aside.

4. To cook the ginataan, mix the rice, roasted monggo and the 1 liter coconut milk on a caserole and stir it occassionaly.

5. When it's almost done, add the 3/4 kilo of sugar and stir. The quantity of sugar will depend on your taste, put more or less.

6. When it's done, don't forget to put the creme on top of the ginataan when you serve it.

Tips: With coconut milk, if fresh coconut is not available, you can buy the coconut powder or coconut milk in can. But, fresh is still the best.

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mouse said...

Yummy! Too bad don't have pandan in US. GRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I really miss this food!^^

J-me Pikman said...

Yeah,,, I'm lucky to live here!!! :)

visit Yummy Cebu, the blogging community of Cebu!!!!

♡u8mypinkc00kies♡ said...

i miss this :( my grandpa cooks this one (or guinataang mais) when he was still strong..

I love guinataang halo-halo or bilo-bilo too!! :D

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