Pork Ribs Sinabawan sa Kamatis

This is like a Nilaga but with a different twist. This recipe is so easy to make.

Ingredients and cooking procedure after the jump.

* 1 kilo of Pork Ribs
* 2 big tomatoes
* 2 Pechay (Bungkos)
* 1 big white onion
* 3 Green Chilli
* Salt & Fish sauce to taste 

Cooking procedure:
1. Put 1 liter of water in a caserole, pour pork ribs when water is boiling.
2. When pork is almost tender, add sliced tomatoes and boil it until tomatoes almost mushy.
3. Add the Pechay and the green chilli (optional) but don't over cook it.
4. Add salt and fish sauce to taste. 

Isn't that easy? 

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