Bulalo Cebuano Style


2 kilos of Beef bulalo (Bone marrow)

1/2 kilo of grated gabi

1/2 kilo of chinese pechay

25 grams of green onions

10 grams of garlic

20 pieces of pepper corns

1/4 kilo of shredded labong

1/2 kilo of corn on the cob but by 1 1/2 inches

8 cups of water


MSG (Vetsin)

Cooking procedure:

1. Boil bulalo (bone marrow) once, remove scum.

2. Boil again and add all the above ingredients except the chinese pechay.

3. After 3 minutes, lower fire to simmer. When bulalo is soft, add Chinese Pechay and a dash of msg.

Can serve up to 8 persons.



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This is my one of my favorite recipe specially during rainy season love to sip those bone marrow.

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