Ginataang Sitaw with Pork (String Beans Cooked in Coconut Milk)

What else can't be cooked with coconut milk? Majority of the vegetables in the Philippines can be used as an ingredient to a sumptuous meal with a coconut milk. You can also cook Pork, Chicken and seafood’s. This time, let me show you how to cook Ginataang Sitaw. If you search online, there are lots of English translations of "Sitaw", some calls it Green Beans, Long Green Beans, Long Beans, etc...

- 1/4 Kilo of Sitaw (cut at least 2 inches in length)
- 1/2 Kilo of Pork Belly or Liempo (cut into cubes)
- 1/4 Kilo of Shrimps (Shelled)
- Onions
- Garlic
- Green Chili (Chopped)
- Cooking Oil
- Ginger
- Fish Sauce, Salt and Pepper
- Shrimp Paste
- Coconut Milk (Powdered or Canned)
- 1 cup of water

Cooking Procedure:
- In a pan, pour the cooking oil, sauté' garlic and onions.
- Add the ginger. After few minutes of sautéing, pour fish sauce. There's no exact measurement of the fish sauce or salt and pepper, it depends on how you like the taste.
- After pouring the fish sauce, add shrimp paste until it's cooked, unless the shrimp paste was already cooked or sautéed'.
- Now you can add the pork and cook it until its tender.
- When pork is tender enough, add shrimps and the chopped green chili’s.
- Sauté it for a minute and pour the mixture of one cup of water and the powdered coconut milk or in can.
- Once it boiled, pour the long beans or sitaw and cook it until it's half cooked. Or you can cook it very well.

Remember, this recipe is just a guideline to cook but the outcome of your cooking will always be your decision.

Do not be scared of experimenting different ingredients.

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Henry said...

I like this one among the rest. Picture pa lng mukang nakakatakam na talaga. Nice Food blog!

SeeMeWeFly said...

Sarap naman tingnan. I'll set aside the vegies and only eat the meat. heheh. Grabeh ang sarap tingnan..

archiedelara said...

I miss eating freshly picked vegetables in our backyard in Nueva Ecija. Masarap ang sitaw kahit anong luto.

master mind said...

nice one.......
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schmulandray said...

Truly fantastic. I love this flavor. It is a mixture of various ingredients; it would be interesting to make them. Thanks, for sharing.

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raiiiiiieeee said...

I've never thought of mixing coconut milk with sitaw. I've got to try this!

philtrvia01 said...

looks great, if my mom cook this for me then maybe i would become a vegetarian. nice post

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REYAH said...

ginataan is my favorite ulam, i will surely cook the recipe that you shared.

caryl estrosas said...

Namiss ko to!!! I love ginataan. yum yum! I cooked ginataang kamansi last time, you might want to check out my blog too: hehe!

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