Ginisang Burong Kanin na may Hipon (Sauteed Fermented Rice with Shrimp)

This is the shortcut way to prepare Ginisang Burong Kanin with Hipon (Sauteed Fermented Rice with Shrimps).  For some, this dish sounds disgusting because of the smell; but for most of the Kapampangans (People in Pampanga, Philippines) this is one of the famous dishes to ever served on the table.  It is usually served with steamed vegetables such as eggplant, bitter melon, okra,  string beans and the most famous one is Mustard Greens or Mustasa in Tagalog.  When this dish is served, expect to serve more steamed rice on the table.

So, what prompted me to cook this aside from the fact that I was salivating about it?  I was having a grocery and saw Claude Tayag's very own Burong Hipon in a bottle.  Hmmm, he actually selling his food in a bottle which I find it brilliant since not everyone can afford to eat at his restaurant. I couldn't either.

Anyway, to cut this article short, here's the recipe and how I cooked it. My own way.

- 1 cloves of garlic (I love garlic so I put more)
- 1 onion which I chopped
- 4 pieces of tomatoes, chopped it as well
- cooking oil for the saute'
- 2 tbsps of fish sauce or Patis
- salt and pepper to taste

How I cooked it?
First, I heat the pan, poured the cooking oil and added the garlic first and when almost brown I added the chopped onions.  (for some, they add the onions as soon as they started sauteing the garlic. But I love the taste of garlic so I wanted it almost brown).

After the onions, I added the chopped tomatoes and kept sauteing it until a little bit mushy and then added the fish sauce.

Then, add the bottled fermented Burong Hipon and keep sauteing for about 2 or 3 minutes.

Then finish it off with the salt and pepper.  Some add Vetsin or MSG but I don't usually practice that method of cooking for health reasons.

There you go.  A simple way of cooking Burong Hipon.

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