How to: Clean Clams

One of my favorite seashells are clams, make a soup and the gingery taste of it taste so good. But before you can enjoy eating clams, you must thoroughly clean it first to remove the grain of sand. Here's how to clean the clams: 1. Tap clams on the side to see if they are still alive. Clams that do not close when tapped should be thrown away. 2. Place the clams in water with salt (about 1/2 cup per gallon) for 2 to 3 hours in order for them to "vomit" the grains of sand and grit that still be found inside. 3. Thoroughly wash the clams prior to cooking. If necessary, scrub them in order to loosen barnacles on the shells. 4. When cooked, discard the clams that remain closed. Clams that are alive will open when cooked.



Anonymous said...

I really hate cleaning shellfish so I make my grocer do it for me. But this looks like a good guide.


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