Ginisang Bunga ng Malunggay

Moringa or better known in Philippines as Malunggay is famous for its leaves that is a characteristic ingredient in Tinola.  Not only it has a distinct taste but have the calcium equivalent of 4 glasses of milk, the vitamin C content of 7 oranges, potassium of 3 bananas, 3 times the iron of spinach, 4 times the amount of vitamin A in carrot, and 2 times the protein in milk.  

But this time, we are going to talk about Moringga Fruit or Bunga ng Malunggay.  It is as simple as cooking Pinakbet, all you have to do is the following.

2 handfull of Moringga Fruit
1 can of any sardines with tomatoe sauce
onions and garlic
tomatoes chopped
cabbage (optional)
fish sauce
salt and pepper to taste

- Saute' garlic and onions, then add chopped tomatoes and fish sauce.
- Add sardines and when about to boil add water.
- When boiling, add the Moringga fruit and Okra.
- After few minutes add eggplant.

Voila! How easy is that?



Anonymous said...

Wow nakakamiss naman ang malunggay and its bunga, I hope we have it here in NZ, i love eating those when I was a child.

Matteo said...

I am hungry now... Looks delicious, and will definitely try this out, and feature it my own site Best Food In Town

aisha said...

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John Christopher said...

sarap nyan.,haha

Anonymous said...

Sarap naman nito, favorite ng mga kids ko ang malunggay, lalo na ang bunga nito sinasawsaw sa fish sauce at kalamansi...nutritious na madali pang lutuin...hmmmm nakakagutom tuloy lalo na pag may partner na galung-gong fish...

Winnie T. Llorca Jr.

Giannina said...

Oh coool! I didn't know those fruits were edible!!! We used to have a malunggay tree at home, I'm really tempted to grow one again.

msblader said...

wow sarap naman i want to cook like that.

SeeMeWeFly said...

Yes. Malunggay can prolong life and that's true. Maraming health benefits talga yan. Ang gusto ko sa mlunggay is ung ginataan tapos may add on na fried fish. tiyak na mabubsog ako.

aisha said...

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