Chicken Sisig

Probably most of my visitors here knew that Sisig is one of the famous dishes in the Philippines, especially in Pampanga where it originally came from. You can do Pork, Beef, Squid, Milk Fish and Chicken Sisig which is the recipe for today. Sisig can be served as one of the main dish or it can be served as a "Pulutan" or what you call finger food in English. It is best served on a sizzling plate

10 pcs of whole Thighs and Legs
3 big onions
5 pcs of green chilis (mild)
100 grams of butter
Salt and pepper
Soy sauce
Lemon juice

Cooking Procedure:
- Debone the chicken and chop into small pieces
- Chop the onions and green chilis
- Heat up the pan and sauté the onion until it's half cooked then set aside
- Using the same pan, fry the chopped chicken until it’s tender but if it has broth throw that. Chicken needs to be cooked until it’s a little bit brown.
- When the chicken is cooked, pour the cooked onions.
- Pour salt, pepper, lemon juice, soy sauce and vinegar. The measurement depends on your taste buds. The technique to not overdo it is to pour little by little until you get your desired taste.
- Lastly pour the chopped chilis.

Note that if you have chicken liver (with this recipe there's none), the taste will be better. In case you have Chicken Liver, grill the liver first before you chop it and mix it with the Chicken Sisig.

Like what I said, this is served better if you have sizzling plate.

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MJM said...

I really love to eat sisig, while it is still hot! Yet I haven't taste the chicken meat I want to learn your recipe.
Thank you for sharing.
I also have food blog and I am happy to share.

David Franklin said...
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Edward Franklin said...
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Margaret Fields said...

The caliber of collection that you are providing is but marvelous

Ericson Atilano said...

Thanks for this blog! I really really really love SISIG!!! I keep on searching for the best SISIG especially from other restaurants in Cebu. But every restaurant has their own version and style. And I really appreciated them all. :D

Richard said...

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Eljen Palomar said...

a new version of sisig...yummY2

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kity-cri said...

Mmmm! Buono! Ho gia fame!

ChristineG said...
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ChristineG said...

I ♥ everything sisig! I tried serving your recipe and my boyfriend and his family devoured it like there's no tomorrow. I also have another Sisig recipe and it taste delicious as well but yours is something special and I made sure that I used maximum heat for extra crunch.

Jade said...

I wanna try this chicken sisig, yummy. Thanks for your recipe

Resty Rizal said...

This is one of my favorite food.

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joycelising said...

This is one of my old time favorite! I used to add this in the menu for catering, I'm glad that many clients would love my own version of it.

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